SF86 and Old Charge off

I had 3 charge off accounts that were settled in 2018. 2 have dropped off my credit report Jan 2019 but one is still showing but with zero balance. Do I need to list all on my SF86 or just the one paid charge off showing on my Credit report?

As always . . . Answer the questions on the SF86. They aren’t trick questions.

I recommend listing each, and I bring a current credit check of my own to give to the BI person. They have one going much deeper and it shows things the top 3 credit agencies do not show. I say this as they will see them, and want you to speak to them. But if you the consumer cannot access it or see it…how would you know to address something? I see this frequently. Credit score recovered, but a charge off from years ago where the applicant could not possibly see…is questioned repeatedly. Bringing the report showing it isn’t listed is a good faith act.