SF86- Certificate of Citizenship/ Dual Citizenship

Hello, I am filling out my SF86 and have come to a standstill.

I am a US Derived citizen as my parents were naturalized in 2010 when I was a minor. I do not have any form of “Certificate of Citizenship” as the SF86 asks for as I didn’t need it being a minor and have not required this document after that. I do not have this document so I cannot provide this information, i assume I can contact USCIS to obtain it but this would likely occur a while after the deadline to submit my SF-86. So, what do I do in this case?

Also, I was born in my home country and the form asks if I was/am a dual citizen and if I have taken steps to renounce. I am not sure the answer to these questions, I read that once citizenship in another country is acquired, the citizenship of my home country is deprived from me. I have not filled out paper/form for renouncing my birth country citizenship. What do I do?

Thanks in advance

Your mother’s naturalization number is normally your naturalization number. You need to list “derived citizenship” in the comments section. You can also pay DHS to get a document to prove your derived citizenship, but i have never actually seen one in the field.

You have to check your origin country’s citizenship rules to determine if you are a dual citizen or not,

If you have a US passport that can be used as documentation of US citizenship. Dual citizenship cannot be forced upon an American citizen. If you believe yourself to be sole US citizen and nothing else, proclaim it as so. Never a good idea to tell a foreign country you are renouncing to get a clearance.