SF86 - Naturalized Citizen

Hi, I need guidance. I have submitted my SF86 for a contract position with DoD and I am a naturalized citizen. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and my passport expired years ago. Will I need to send my passport to the embassy in order for me to not be considered a dual citizen. I don’t want any issues during the background investigation so I am asking for guidance.

Thank you all in advance, that can provide guidance.



Being a dual citizen is not reason to be denied a clearance. Neither is having an expired passport. You’re still a citizen with or without the passport. Or am I missing something else?

Some countries, like my native Argentina, consider birthright citizenship un-denounce-able. Thus, it will be impossible for me not to be considered a dual citizen from the Argentinean government’s point of view.

During my BI interview the issue came up years ago. The interviewer reviewed my expired foreign passport and simply asked me if I was willing to renounce citizenship through the US Government ~ she only specified something to the likes of confiscating my passport, burning it and having me do some sort of oath. (to which I’d be excited to do).

I was granted T3 a few months later with no further inquiry on the subject having done nothing further.
The foreign passport is simply a memento.