Do I have dual citizenship?

Hi I am naturalized U.S citizen. I am from China. The Chinese government doesn’t recognized dual citizenship. I read that once I obtain U.S citizenship I automatically forfeit my Chinese citizenship. Is that true? Do I state I have dual citizenship on my SF86?

And I current have a Chinese passport that isn’t expired yet. I got that passport back in 2011 in Washington D.C because the Chinese passport I had before expired. Do I list both passports on SF86?

Do your research on Chinese law and figure it out. In today’s day and age the information is easily available. If you are still holding a foreign passport that is active and can use it to travel then it is assumed you are a dual citizen.

I’m with Marko that you need to do the research. But, if you are correct that China does not allow dual citizenship and you, therefore, surrendered your Chinese citizenship when you became a U.S. citizen. This would mean that your Chinese passport is NOT valid despite the expiration date.

I knew previous coworker who moved from China to Austallia to US several years ago at a time. She had to forfeit her citizenship with china as they do not allow dual citizenship status. Because you have a passport you must report it in the SF86 (expired or not). For the interview the investigator will ask you to bring any passports (in your case both). You will likely have to forfeit your chinese passport despite it being valid.

Now that is just China. There are other foreign counties like Philipinnes which allow dual citizenship. So to further the answer, whether you can have a dual citizenship does depend on the countrys’ own citizenship laws.

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