Mismatching information with old SF-86

I am a college student currently filling out a sf86 for a TS/SCI.

I had previously filled one out and submitted one at 17 years old for a secret (military academy), though I never attended the organization.

I am currently filling out the section for dual citizenship. Country X considers me a citizen there because of my parents birth there. My parents have also gotten two passports for me for that country (one at around 12/13, one at 18), but I never went with them they just took a picture of me and had it made.

I did not find out that I had foreign passports until my parents told me they were getting me another one when I was 18. I also do not remember if I put down on my first SF-86 that I was a dual citizen for country X, since I did not know that I had a passport for that country and did not consider myself a citizen.

I think I should be fine since I never lied about anything (more like I was kept in the dark), but will this cause issues with my new SF-86 for the TS/SCI? I of course am now putting myself as a dual citizen and listing both passports on the form.

Do yourself a big favor and get the copy of your previous SF86. If there is a mismatch then it will be an issue and may delay the process.

Do you know how I would go about doing so? I tried calling the military academy but they no longer have it.

Do you see this is as being a reason for clearance denial though, even though I did not directly/deliberately lie?

You perform a FOIA request with OPM. It can be done via email. Takes about 45 days.

Your explanation is definitely plausible. You will have a chance to explain this during your subject interview. The country in question also may make a difference. Is it South American or Western European? You will probably be asked to bring your passport(s), US and foreign, current and expired, to the subject interview. It should not be an immediate cause for worry.

This article has some good info on Dual Citizenship and the clearance process. Suggest you give it a read.


unfriendly middle eastern country. Dual citizenship there is not my choice though, they just gave it to me since my parents were born there.

It will definitely be a discussion in the subject interview, and you will be required to bring your passports. In my opinion, it would not be perceived very favorably if you expressed a desire to maintain this dual citizenship(not that you have or will). I am not sure what your intentions are going forward as an adult. Go through the interview and explain it as you have here. The investigator will have several follow up questions. You just need to answer honestly.