SF86 For a 3 Letter Agency

Hello guys, I am filling out my SF86 for a TS Special Agent job. I believe I had a judgment filed against me back in 2010-2011 which put me outside of the 7 years history requirement. Like I said, “I believe” but I am not sure. Should I still go ahead and listed that judgment on the SF86 although the credit bureau aren’t showing any derogatory?

Also, back in 2005 I was arrested and charged with “Making False Insurance Claim” which is a felony. The charge was dropped (Nolle Pros) and the arrest was expunged from my record in 2007. I am currently working for a 3 letter agency as a LEO. After this unfortunate incident, I went on to get married, a son and earned my Bachelor degree. I have never been in trouble since. What are my chances of getting this TS and eventually get hired ?

I doubt you would have any issues based on the info you provided. You will have to list the felony charge even though it was dropped and still be prepared to give all the details about it to an investigator.

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