SF86 was returned

In Section 13a provide a verifier(name, address, phone number) who is unrelated to you, is a U.S. Citizen, and resides in the U.S. for your period of employment from 01/2016 to 10/2017 and 06/2010 to 01/2015. You must provide a verifier. They need not be a coworker or supervisor. Furthermore, your verifier must reside in the U.S…

In Section 13a provide a verifier(name, address, phone number) who is unrelated to you, is a U.S. Citizen, and resides in the U.S. for your period of unemployment from 01/2015 to 04/2016 and 01/2010 to 06/2010. Your Spouse and Brother are not viable verifiers.

My question is… can i put the same name twice for different employers, because i have run out of list of US citizens that i could list

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You mean “rejected,” not returned.

You can list anyone as an unemployment verifier that is not: 1) Yourself, or 2) An unemployment office. Obviously, the person you list should know of your unemployment situation.

Each agency can decide what they will and will not accept as complete information on the questionnaire. Looks like they have told you what they want to see on your SF86; follow their direction.

Do you have a deadline in which to complete this? It amazes me when some agencies do not impose deadlines for applicants to complete e-QIP and additional documents. IME and IMP, you don’t need more than a week to do any of this.

i was given 30 days for the eQUIP

you are lucky to have thirty days… most (to include myself) are only give five business days.

30 days, wow, you’ve got it so easy!
7 days should be the standard, no matter the agency. It weeds out the riffraff.

I was given 2 days. I spent almost 40 hours filling the form :grin:

That’s hardcore, especially for an initial…

We are given 4 days, however when you work during the day, and need to do that after work, it’s not always easy…
I’ve always been able to push it back a day or 2, so that I can at least have the week-end to complete/finish it, and Monday to request any outstanding info that I need…

I didn’t have a job that time, working on that form days and nights. They said it usually took 3-6 hours to complete the form :grin::grin::grin:

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The way I read this is that the first issue you listed- the two date spans listed are both regular employment, yes? (Aka not self-employment?) If so, you are required to list your supervisor for those periods of employment.

What were those employments and why do you not have supervisors to list?

For the second issue- this is for self employment- correct? List someone who knows you did this self-employment work. Ideally it’d be someone you worked with. For example, if you were a web designer you could list a client you built a website for. That person would be able to attest to your self employment business. If you don’t have anyone like that, at least list someone who knows you had this self employment and can attest to what you did and when.

I might be the luckiest of all.

I applied for an IC job and was given 15 days just to log-in to the e-QIP from the time they made it available and then an additional 30 days to complete it starting from the moment I first accessed it.

So in theory, I had up to 45 days, but I accessed it the day after it was made available and got it done in about 3 days.

For what it’s worth, I had a couple of brief periods of unemployment listed on my SF-86C. I used to work part time at various community colleges as an adjunct instructor and I didn’t work summer school, so I was technically unemployed for those summers.

I was living with my brother and a couple of his friends during that time and I listed one of his friends as a verifier and I used the same friend for each brief period of unemployment. I actually met with my investigator today and the fact that I used the same reference for both periods did not raise any issues.

It’s usually more of an issue with the front-end form not allowing you to enter the same name twice (even though it’s completely acceptable to do that way, as you saw from your investigator having no issue). It’s why the systems that different agencies use to enter the forms can be such a pain.