Sida badge clearance after first offender probation is completed

I have been working at the atl airport for 10years. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and i had to complete 5 years first offender probation for a marijuana charge. my SIDA badge was revoked because when i went to renew my badge my background check showed that i was under first offender probation for that charge. My job is giving me 60 days to clear this situation up so my question is once the judge clears me from this probation is shoukd show dimissed or discharged on my fonsl dispostion. Will i ne able to show the airport that the casd was taken cared of and will i be able to get my SIDA badge back? Im currently on suspension with no pay.

The SIDA badge eligibility process does not pertain to federal background investigation rules and procedures, The DHS security threat assessment completed to issue the badge is governed by the TSA and the city for which the airport is located in. You best source is the security office that issued the badge.

You might have done better to start a new thread with this question. It will not hurt anything to list the investigation but I don’t know anything about the process that was completed on your background.