Significant Backlog at State Department

Received this update from the Diplomatic Security Support Program (DSSP) this morning:

“As for a time frame for our referral, we are extremely backlogged and it may be several months before we complete our actions at DSSP. Once completed, as I said, your file returns to DS-PSS and I don’t know how long they have it before a final decision is rendered.”

My case was referred to DSSP because I am receiving treatment and counseling for PTSD related issues. Nothing at all significant, but Diplomatic Security referred it to DSSP for review. I get the impression that State is completely slammed with backlogged cases vs. other agencies. Don’t know if that is in fact the case. A huge disappointment to hear that I may still be several months away from a decision. Any suggestions?

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I’m waiting for an interview from DSS. The last email I got a couple weeks ago was “we might be conducting interviews over the next 9 months.” Not sure if the Agents handle the clearances, but DOS is bogged down in general. Lots of support staff were working from home for months.