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Hi there, as I’m sure everyone on here is already painfully aware of the process of getting through the investigation process and as Tom Petty says “The waiting is the hardest part” it’s become my mantra at this point.

Was hoping someone could shed some light for me. I accepted a job offer supporting Department of State in Nov 2016 that will take me back to Afghanistan. After a few kickbacks for corrections on my Sf-86p, My company finally successfully submitted everything to DS around Mid Jan 2017.

After radio silence for months, I had my interview Jun 15th. and a follow up Interview July 27th. It is now Sept 2nd. And back to Radio silence.

To this point I’ve done everything that has been asked of me. I continue to remain in contact with my company but of course they know about as much as me. I have a couple of questions.

  1. What in the world could taking so long at this point? My company tells me considering I’ve had my follow up interview it shouldn’t be too much longer.

  2. Does anyone know actually when the clock starts? I was told it was an average of 6-8 months. If so, does that clock start when the package is successfully submitted to DS or when DS pull my credit, etc. looking for some kind of bench mark I can count the days from.

  3. How is one typically notified that it is done and favorable decision has been made. Is it mail, email, phone call? Should I receive a random phone call from my employer?

Any helpful information would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance.

What could be taking so long? The whole system is a mess, that’s the problem.

When done the clock start? The only clock any of us know starts when we submit our forms.

How is one notified? If you are applying for a contractor job, the security officer should get the notice. If it were a DoD contract, the personnel security folks would get an automated notification from JPAS. Not sure how it works for State, but probably something not too different. And then they will contact you.

I also wonder how all the “restructuring” swirl at State might be affecting your situation, but that is purely speculation on my part.

Honestly just absolutely disillusioned with this whole process, have been in government contracting for years and have never experienced this type of lag time. It’s now March 2018 and still remain in a holding pattern. Not one word since my follow up Interview back in july 2017. I still continue to have contact with the company that offered me the job offer, they can’t get any word either, SMH

Disclaimer: Department of State do their own investigations and adjudications. The timelines normally listed for reference are from NBIB and do not apply to several IC agencies, FBI, Secret Service, or Department of State.

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