How much longer for my MRPT timeline?

Hi All,

I began my process in early July. I returned an expedited SF85P form. Had a couple issues and had to resubmit twice. I got an EOD at the end of the month. My red flag was getting fired from a job(which I disclosed) I’ve had 2 interviews since. One about two weeks ago and one Friday evening before labor day weekend. (short) I noted that my investigator said she had to get this information after discussing with someone(couldn’t hear who) before my second interview. My question is how much longer should I expect for a final decision? I believe my process has moved faster than most so I am grateful for that, but I would like the peace of mind. It makes it a little difficult to concentrate on work with this always looming in the background.

Thank you!

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You’re still young in the process. Give it several more months.

Thanks. Are there any other steps I would anticipate besides waiting?

No contact for Tier 1 and 2 cases is good news.

A quick note, expedited SF85 is not really “a thing”. Many Subjects believe the term expedited case means they automatically go to the front of the line. Expedited flag means there is a need to monitor the case timeline closer than a normal case. The case should be assigned to an investigator’s case load sooner than a “normal case”. The case timeline change is minimal. Your background is still checked/reviewed to the standards of the tier requirement. If a case is slowed because of issues and/or missing information, the case is slowed.

I rarely notice if a case is a priority or such. My goal is to meet the deadline provided by my boss.

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Thanks so is there still more reviewing done after the interviews?

there are always additional report reviews after the interview.

Got ya. And the reviews are done by the adjucating agency?

Internally by the investigating agency (normally DCSA) and, of course, the adjudicator reviews the report.