State Dept - What does this mean?

My case has been in the adjudication phase since January 2020. I received this message on Friday - what does this mean?

“I am an Adjudicative Case Coordinator with DS/SI/PSS (U.S. Department of State). I need to obtain your permission to discuss a sensitive matter via email in order to complete the adjudicative process. I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

Thank you.

It means you need to respond to that inquiry and any other inquiry in order to complete the adjudicative portion of your security case.

I think it means that your case has finally reached the desk of an actual human being and that person has one or two issues they need more information on. I think it is a positive sign and hopefully you can provide the information quickly. You are getting close to the finish line.


Received this update from the Diplomatic Security Support Program (DSSP) this morning:

As for a time frame for our referral, we are extremely backlogged and it may be several months before we complete our actions at DSSP. Once completed, as I said, your file returns to DS-PSS and I don’t know how long they have it before a final decision is rendered.

My case was referred to DSSP because I am receiving treatment and counseling for PTSD related issues. Nothing at all significant, but Diplomatic Security referred it to DSSP for review. I get the impression that State is completely slammed with backlogged cases vs. other agencies. Don’t know if that is in fact the case. A huge disappointment to hear that I may still be several months away from a decision.

Probably they will want you to speak with someone… and these days that will almost certainly be over the phone. That’s another event that has to be scheduled and which is also probably backed up. The good news is that once you complete this step it is likely only a short time til your final adjudication, as it is probably the last thing in your file that needs to be reviewed.