Another point of contact

I am waiting my sercurity clearance(still in adjudication, but is being actively worked on.) I am waiting for a State Department job called the Consular Fellows. Every week I call the sercurity Clearance hotline provided on the web site. My quesions is, is there another person I can call? I have a case officer but I havent spoken to her since filling out my DS 86.

You can call your case officer but they might not have much more info. You can also contact your congressman and senators. They will not be able to get a lot of information but they can nudge things along and find out where you are in the process.

If your case truly is in adjudication. Congrats you are in the last step of the process. I don’t think there is much that can be said other than you are in adjudication.

I have cases stuck 27 months in adjudication. All they can tell me is it is still in there. Which I take as a good sign. If the info was derogatory…they would be denied and revoked.

27 months? That is pretty crazy. Why would it take that long?

Actually if its with the State Department you call a different number. The State Department has their own investigation and adjudication process. They are one of the few that do not use OPM (NBIB).

You can get your process in real time and see what is going on.

There’s the security clearance but there’s also the issue of the lingering hiring freeze as the State Dept restructures or whatever the term is. That shouldnt affect your clearance process but I could see new hires going to the bottom of the stack while they adjudicate periodic updates or other cases that may be more critical.

Just my two cents…

so, dont make any long term plans.

It is frustrating to hear that. I know that I am not alone, but it is difficult to make any long term plans or moving forward and I need to do that in soon. I was thinking that this would be done by at most a year and a half(investigation to adjudication to final decision) but now it seems like two years would be a more reasonable timeline if at all.
Every time I call they say my case is being actively worked on. What does that really mean?

All it really means is that they have not received word that you were either cleared or denied.