Sponsoring foreign national brother in law

Back in 2014 I was asked by my sister to help her co-sponsor her husband to be able to get a permanent residence. He is of Mexican nationality, and has had his residence for about 3 years now. He also has the intention of applying to become a cicitizen as soon as he is eligible. Does anyone know if this could affect my top secret clearance.

As long as you list him under foreign contacts and any other associated contact with foreign government agencies on his behalf you should be fine. I have many foreign connections from time living overseas. Facebook brings the world very close…and all its associated problems as well. There is a lot of debate concerning social media foreign contact. If it is continuing/regular, it should be listed. For many that involves pages of contacts. I would not list foreign members of the Bull Terrier pages I am on, but if any of them are in my personal contacts…I would list them.