SSBI Transfer After Job Offer Rescinded

Hi. I accepted a job with a government contractor for a BI position last December. I graduated from college in May. I was told that I would start shortly after my graduation, however, said contractor continued to leave me in the dark about my start date. I eventually began to apply to other positions around my area, and two weeks ago, while still waiting for a start date from contractor #1, was informally offered a position from a different contractor.

Contractor 2 said they would get me an official offer letter in the coming weeks. Today I unfortunately was informed that my job offer from Contractor 1 was rescinded due to lack of caseload in my area. Contractor 2 immediately sent me an offer and the person who hired me said they needed to be very quick about trying to claim sponsorship for my clearance before it was sent to NBIB to be revoked.
My questions:

  • I don’t know when Contractor 1 submitted said work for the clearance to be rescinded, but do you think it’s reasonable Contractor 2 could pick it up in time?
  • If this doesn’t happen, will I have to go through an entirely new background investigation? I just had mine granted in May, to have to go through another SSBI would just be the icing on the cake. And they say they want to reduce the backlog…

This was supposed to be my first job out of college, and it can not have been a more stressful period. Months of waiting in the dark with no communication waiting for a start date to having my offer rescinded after 10 months to now worrying about my clearance. It’s been hell. Any information is appreciated.

You should be good. I believe that the prior investigation can be used even if it needs to be readjudicated.

if your case is as recent as you said - a discontinued case can be reopened and continued.