Submitted eQIP but made an accidental error

Need advice: I submitted my eQIP for a public trust position and forgot to list working the election polls under employment. After submitting the change to the security office, I realized that I had not received a 1099-MISC and didn’t file it on my taxes. The sum was $250 and I intend to file an amendment today. The problem is, that means I should have answered yes to question 18 on the addition branch questions sheet for public trust positions (question: In the past seven years, have you failed to file or pay Federal, state or other taxes when required by law or ordinance?)

How should I handle this? I feel really stupid reaching back out to the Safety and Security office at the agency again. My EOD is coming up soon and I am in freakout mode. None of this was intentional. I recently got married, and our taxes were crazy to file this year. This payment slipped through the cracks.

Will this likely cause a rejection in my clearance? Advice is greatly appreciated!

I can’t imagine this being a big issue. Though you will feel like an annoyance for contacting the security office again, this is the correct thing to do.

When you file your amendment, this is going to be more complicated that you may think, you will need to add a Schedule C (accepting a payment for working without a W-2 makes you a small business) and this allows you to deduct any expenses. Mileage to and from the polling place and any training or meetings that you were required to attend can be deducted and will lower the tax (if any) due on the $250.

While you are doing the right thing, this is one that I would have left alone from the beginning.