Substitute Teacher Employment Physical Location and Father's Peace Corps Section 20b

Filling out the SF86

I worked as a substitute teacher in a large school district for 4 years. I’ve listed the employers address as the school district’s offices. But for the physical location, I often went to a different place every day. Should I list every school’s address in the comments or just indicate that I worked at 23 different schools? (may have been more, it’s hard to remember which schools I subbed at 9 years ago)

Also, my father was in the Peace Corps within the last 7 years. I asked him if he had any contact with gov officials. He met with the Minister of Education for Peace Corps related business so that I don’t need to disclose. But, he also responded that at a new years eve party at the US Embassy in Moldova, he did converse with the then Minster of Education and Minister of the Interior of Moldova. He does not know their names. Do I need to include this? Does this qualify as “contact?” I won’t be able to list names, just their titles. And from doing a google search, it looks like the Ministry of Education in Moldova has been consolidated with other departments since then.

Just trying to make sure I fill everything out right!

You should list the location of the district administrative office that hired you as a substitute. The other stuff has no relevance or requirements for you to list on the SF-86.


Concur Marko. Your father’s contacts are not a concern. Ditto if your father was in prison.You and your contacts are what is being investigated.

I know I’m the one being investigated, but the question asked about me AND immediate family. Obviously if the question hadn’t included the portion about family members, I wouldn’t even consider it.

I had some substitute teaching a few years ago as well. My BI really wanted at least one interview with a principal or another staff member at one of the schools. Luckily one of the principals at a school I subbed at is a friend of mine.