Suicide and deployments

I know someone who has said that he has attempted suicide multiple times as well as specifically taken deployments as a civilian contractor as a way to try to end his life. He has sent this information to me via email and I believe to his family as well since they are the ones who informed me of his wish to die on deployment. He is now trying to back track and say it was all a ploy to get attention, however documentation would not lead others to that conclusion, rather that he was truly suicidal. I highly doubt that he has informed his boss as he is now denying all history of mental illness and refuses to get help. He has even lied on a court ordered psychological evaluation about this. Is this something that should be reported to the military since he is putting soldiers lives at risk by accepting deployments with the intention of putting his life at risk? (Prior to one deployment said his goodbyes to some, told business partner he could do whatever w business since he would be returning home in a box, his family was concerned for his life, et al.) There is also a police record of someone calling the cops on him bc he told them he was trying to commit suicide. This should be reported right?

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You have not stated whether he has a security clearance…if so then this should be reported to the company FSO for whom he works for or the DSS rep. They in turn should report it to the MACOM for whom he is supporting.

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Marko is right . . . Even without a clearance, I suspect that someone should step up and report this to his employer.

I am NOT, I repeat, NOT a psychologist, but I have some experience with suicide and suicidal ideation. One of the very first things that I learned is that "those who talk, rarely do . . . " I know that’s not a 100% but, if he were serious he probably would have succeeded in one of his attempts. I should also point out that lying during a psychological exam rarely works. Those people are trained to recognize exactly that.

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I know he has some security clearance but I would not know what the level of it is. Some job descriptions from his linked in say “provides exploitation and analysis on geospatial device data, back w imagery, SIGINT, HUMINT.” Also stated GEOINT/imagery intelligence and MAAS FMV Analyst. I don’t know what any of that means but he has told me he didn’t report his suicidal ideations bc of his security clearance and didn’t report it while deployed for fear of what they would do.

I am no psychologist either but he is very good at manipulation and presenting himself so as to dupe a psychologist into believing that his version of events were true. I can poke holes all through his psych evaluation with emails and texts that state otherwise. Also the dates he listed fits his storyline of making himself a victim of cheating spouse, but nearly all of the dates he provided are incorrect (I am not the spouse) including dates he was married or deployed. Enormous unlike if, but if he wasn’t actually suicidal he was willing to tell people he was including his family and cause them grave concern. There is certainly something wrong w his moral compass and well as saying he is untrustworthy to be responsible for anyone’s life.

Definitely report. See something…say something. Possibly save his life or others around him. He is vulnerable to exploitation as well. He sounds like he works with Intell, I surmise a TS clearance. By definition, he works with information that may pose “exceptionally grave damage to National Security,” if exposed or shared improperly. A person making suicidal ideations is likely not in the best frame of mind. I agree with Ed a counselor worth their salt can identify the lies. I too sat through a presentation stating those who talk, won’t, but then heard another saying 50% won’t…meaning 50% will. I would not want it on my conscience if a friend made those statements and I did nothing, even if the boy cried wolf many times before. At a certain point once I report if they continue to emote and make outrageous claims…I emotionally distance myself. People can be highly manipulative if they feel there is a shoulder to lean on. .

Obviously some major issues going on there. A must report situation imo

This was throroughly reported to the DOD hotline who responded back with that they were sending it to the Army to investigate. I provided them with over 60 pages of hard documents that showed the statements he made to me, his family and others who also knew but failed to do anything about it. His employer was given a condensed report and I think rather than do anything about it, they simply gave him a copy of the information and he has since threatened me with a lawsuit for defamation and libel. Hopefully the army will be more thorough in getting him some much needed help.