T1 investigation

In the past I had gotten denied an interim from DOD and they were inpatient to wait for a full investigation. Now i got a tentative offer with only a t1 for DOD. What are the odds I get denied because of the interim? What difference is it between t3 and t1

Being denied an interim is not a barrier to anything; with some agencies it almost seems routine.

I’ll defer to the investigators who participate here to discuss Tier 1 vs Tier 3

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Thanks so much squirrel I can’t believe after I posted this I actually got the final offer! Nearly only 2 weeks from the interview! Fastest I ever had


A Tier 1 is a glorified records check; they complete pretty quickly.

I figured I was afraid of denial since the same agency denied me interim, thanks for your input. Now I know for future opportunities

Since they eliminated the Subject Interview for T2 investigations, there’s very little difference between a T1, T2, and T3. That’s why the government may soon reduce the number of Tiers from 5 to 3. T3 and T5 are for national security. T1, T2, and T4 are for fitness or suitability to work for the government. The adjudicative criteria are different–National Security Adjudicative Guidelines v. Title 5 CFR 731.202 or Title 5 CFR 302.203. Title 5 CFR 731.202 is not a simple as it appears. For example there is no criterion for financial considerations, but you can be rejected for delinquent debt under the criterion for criminal and dishonest conduct.

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