Waiting for a Tier 1 Clearance

I have been waiting since 10/17/18 for a tier 1 clearance and now my job is getting antsy because I started working before the clearance was complete. This is a common practice within the company. Can I be terminated because of how long the investigation is taking???

The correct terminology for a Tier 1 is suitability or fitness to work for the government. It is NOT a clearance. T1s take between 3-6 months normally, but certain items that are required (e.g., military service) sometimes get stuck at whatever agency is supposed to provide it to NBIB.

Thank you for that. my next question is can my job terminate me because of how long the background takes?

If you are already working then you have been given interim approval based on the FBI criminal history check and a screening of your application. They will not terminate you because of an investigation that is still pending completion.

Thanks for your information