Tardiness Records?



I recently went through my eQIP and initial investigation and omitted tardiness writeups from previous workplace as they were not considered severe (ie: requiring punitive actions).

Do these qualify for the questions relating to 'punitive actions for workplace negligence' (I'm paraphrasing here but cannot find specific verbage for that questions).

If so: should I contact the investigator and mention them?

If not: should I do so anyway?

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You have not indicated whether you investigation has already been adjudicated and you were granted a clearance. Under employment history for each employer you were asked if in the last 7 years you received a written warning, been reprimanded, suspended, or disciplined for misconduct or violation of policy. You were required to disclose these write-ups. I suggest you type up a memo for record to your Security Officer explaining this information and why you did not disclose on the form. Voluntarily coming forward with adverse information before being confronted with it is one of the mitigating factors used by adjudicators. If this was the only issue you have then it should not be a serious concern.