Taxes not filed

I filed in 2018 but was under the impression that with the amount I made along with being claimed by my parents exempted me from having to file. Now going through a TS investigation I am worried this may affect my clearance.
Do they see directly from the IRS if I had missed filed or such?

yes, they will see it…

If you had no filing requirement with the IRS, there is no need to file. You may need to document the fact that you were not required to file.

If you worked, in other words, if you had W2 or 1099 income reported, you MAY have been able to file for a refund even if you didn’t otherwise meet the filing requirements.

Check with the IRS…file late if you must. But file. Pay a qualified tax person to make at least a review of the situation and assist in getting the right pieces filed. Ed can speak to the fine print on those situations. But any action you take to check and make it right if it isn’t right…speaks volumes.