Teaching Overseas after Security Clearance

Hi, I have the opportunity to get a security clearance for engineering work.
One of my pipe dreams (starting in a couple years) is to be a guest teacher at foreign schools and churches.

If I end up getting the security clearance, would I need to keep track of every person I talk to when overseas?

My concern is (a) that I’m terrible at keeping track of names and the lists could rapidly get unmanageable and (b) governments / organizations would likely attain a copy of my contacts (through hacking or corruption) and use it to suppress peaceful ideas and religion in their country.

I don’t think so you but definitely keep track of the places you live and where you worked and all the kind of stuff you would report about any employer in the US.

As you can imagine, some agencies would take a very dim view of someone getting cleared, going to live overseas for an extended period, then coming back and expecting to still be cleared. This will depend on who you get cleared with and where you end up working but it could complicate your clearance quite a bit.