Secret Security Clearance required with overseas employment

I retired from the USAF in 2012 after 23 years. My clearance at the time was TS SCI(DCID 1/14 ELIG) PERIODIC REINVEST SBI.SSBI, 28 JAN 2008. Of course, my clearance was terminated upon my retirement. For the past 7 years, I have been working in the UAE for a local company, but seconded to a US company that holds the ITAR TAA agreement between the UAE armed forces, my local company and the US Dept of State and US DOD that allows me to provide defense services in the form of instruction to the local uae armed forces.

I have accepted a position back in the US with a civilian contractor for the DoD, USAF. The position requires a Secret Clearance. I have been hired for the position, but must attain the clearance after starting my new position.

I also have numerous foreign contacts, as you can imagine, since I’ve been here for 7 years and the population is mostly expats. I have Brazilian, South African, French, British, Filipino, Portuguese, and Emirati friends and co workers.

I have no criminal record, outstanding military service, excellent credit, zero drug use.

How prolonged is this process going to be for a secret clearance?

I suggest they start it now. No doubt you have a lot of expat friends and locals. In and of itself it isn’t an issue as I still have foreign contacts in the Philippines and Japan (Clark/Yokota), as well as Canadian Defense Force officers I worked with on a MAJCOM HQ staff. . Do what the investigator requests but it is likely time to eliminate the casual acquaintances you aren’t really friends with. I would go through the social media accounts and review. Don’t fear the foreign contacts, report them all as directed if it is a continuing relationship…friends. But simply walking down a hall and saying hello to Oskar, or Sergio…doesn’t necessarily constitute a continuing relationship. I predict it will take longer than usual but not too long. If it is explainable, it is understandable, and living overseas for 7 years is explainable and understandable.

All of my foreign contacts live outside the US. Will they be interviewed and should I contact them all to make them aware of possible interview?

I would not share that you are seeking cleared work with your foreign contacts. Best to leave that close hold. Foreign Intell services, China specifically recruits US folks overseas, strongly encourages them to apply for cleared work…before they ever give the pitch for you to actually collect info. Provide the names and contact info you have, understanding there will be missing info.