Teenage Mistakes


I was wondering about chances of being cleared.

I am 26 now, very interested in pursuing an intelligence career.

When I was a ridiculous teenager, I ran away from home a lot, longest stretch was over 2 years. I was also a shoplifter, and was caught 3 times. Twice I went to juvenile detention, record sealed. The last time, I was arrested, I gave a false name, no social security number, and a fake age. They fingerprinted me, I paid the fines. I was incredibly stupid, and am now trustworthy.

I have no idea how I got away with it. I understand that this most likely would show up in an investigation. Is there any chance of being cleared?

What if I did all I could to correct the information, any chance of being cleared down the road if the correct steps were taken?

I don’t do drugs, I have no debt. Did I screw myself for life with that?

Thank you for your help and time. I much appreciate it.

Your age and maturity level at the time, the length of time since it occurred, no similar conduct since the last offense, and positive life changes are all mitigators that should result in a favorable decision. As long as you are honest and disclose what is required, then you should be good to go.