Security Clearance - Any Chance?

I applied for a position with NSA in Ft. Meade and was selected to come in for an interview next month. I’m a little worried because I was charged with first degree forgery back in 2012. Since this incident, I’ve received my Bachelors and will be completing my Masters within the next 4 weeks. I’ve gone to therapy and remain active in my community. Also, I’ve been employed with my current organization going on 3 years now who is aware of my background and rehabilitation progress. I have a pretty good position and deal with personal information daily so I was surprised they hired me. I do not have any new charges. All information pertaining to my case has been included on the 86 form but what are my chances for getting a clearance? I know it’s only been 6 years. Any feedback or similar experience?

It is going to be a concern but it sounds like you have a lot of other stuff going for you; that can help to mitigate the concern.

Let’s hope so. Does recruiters normally do a phone interview first? I found it weird that I never had one.

Were you convicted of the offense you were charged with?

Given that the incident occurred 6 years ago and you have since established you are able to work continuously for three years in an environment where you are exposed to PII without incident - I’d say you’ve provided enough mitigation to at least be considered for a clearance.

Shouldn’t be a concern. Looks like there is plenty of mitigation. Be prepared to share every detail of the incident in detail. It helps to review your case personally before your subject interview. They will have pulled the case files and will probably know more about it than you will after 6 years. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where you misrepresent something unknowingly.

Thank you for the feedback! I’ll make sure I review the case and details so I don’t miss anything.

The incident itself and what led to it are also important. Why you committed the crime, what you gained or avoided losing by committing the crime. You’ve been out walking the streets for the last years so my guess is that you were not stealing insurance money from little old ladies or orphans. The sentencing statement from your case probably includes mitigating factors and other information in your favor. You have already convinced one judge that you are really a decent guy and not a risk.