The “Ever” felony question

After more than 20 years in the private world, I am seeking a role that requires a clearance.
My question is, like many others, related to the “Have you ever …” question.

I’m college over 28 years ago, I had a “new” apartment roommate. He wrote 3 or 4 large checks - first and last deposit, utilities dep. A few days later he was gone … and his checks bounced causing many of mine - from a $5 Subway meal to my rent - to also bounce. In a college town every bounced check went to the DA worthless check units, which tacked an additional $100 on each check. Anyway - one was a biggy (Rent) and because Incouldnt pay it back it was initially listed as a felony (but changed to a misdemeanor before I even walked in court.)

Would this fall under the felony “charge” category?

I ultimately sold my car and got a credit card to pay everything off. No issues - not even a speeding ticket - since.

Thank you!

If police charged you with a felony when arrested that’s what’s in the FBI report no matter what the charges were dropped to. There’s usually a court check to confirm what the ending charges were, such as misdemeanor. I would get a copy of the court record and have it handy for my own piece of mind, even though the agency will get their own copy. If you know for sure you were charged with a felony put that and a brief explanation in the comments sections saying the charge was reduced to misdemeanor. When the case is adjudicated all of the factors listed above will be taken into consideration.