The question that asks about being reprimanded?

For this employment, in the last seven (7) years have you received a written warning, been officially reprimanded, suspended, or disciplined for misconduct in the workplace, such as a violation of security policy?

I used to work at Target, horrible work culture, with 1 pregnant woman who hired me to do her work (she had a higher position and had more work) and another woman who was the main manager and who preferred people of her culture/race. So while the pregnant woman was out on maternity the main manager bombarded me and 2 other women who did the same job as I (HR) with more work than usual to be compressed in the part time hours we were hired for. If we went over we were pulled aside and talked to. If we were late for our lunch time we were pulled aside and talked to. ONe of the women ended up quitting while the other one was favorited and only used to work weekends (she had another job). The pregnant woman came back from maternity leave and i was the sole person they picked on and pulled aside when they over worked me. Now, I don’t know if this counts as being officially reprimanded. I wasn’t fired by this job and I don’t know if these were just talks or write ups leading to a fire. What should I put down? I also don’t know what to put down for the reason I left. I was unemployed for a few years after this job. Help!

Ask to review your personnel file. That aside, if you were never asked to sign a write-up I would say answer no. When your interview comes up, explain in more detail the circumstances. I would leave out all the excuses about who was preferred over you, etc. It sounds like trying to mitigate before it’s needed. Just my 2 cents…

If you were reprimanded, you would have signed something, as mentioned above. Even a verbal warning would have something you sign acknowledging you understand and what the next disciplinary steps are.

A manger taking you to the side to gripe about your work ethic is not discipline.

That being said, when you left, did you leave on good terms? Did you give a two weeks? Did you work those two full weeks? Were you ever told you were going to be fired and you quit prior to them firing you? These would fall under leaving under unfavorable circumstances.

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Yes I worked the full 2 weeks and no I was never told i’d be fired. I was just tormented and the pregnant coworker and hr manager were very passive aggressive. They didn’t talk to me or ignored me and answered me in curt tones.

I don’t think I signed anything. From what I read Target calls it coaching and they coach every 30 days until they ask the employee to sign something. However I was pulled aside every 1 or 2 weeks. Should I give the honest reason for leaving the job? The reason being I just didn’t like it?

Yes. Always be honest. That should be a given.

Absolutely be honest. Sometimes we just aren’t a good fit for them, or them for us. Even if you had an argument, doesn’t mean you were wrong. But you need put it down as the company captured it.