Getting anxiety over interview due to a circumstance

Regarding a job a I had a few years ago, I was there for a few years when something happened to my boss regarding conduct. He could easily narrow down the small circle of people that could have bright this on (2 of us). Eventually he was cleared by the company they didn’t seem to care but did update procedures. After that he tried to get information out of me one on one but i didn’t give in. Shortly after I was leaving the company and gave my notice to him and that was that and I left the company. Later on I get a call from HR starting I had been terminated. My boss had basically picked some handbook rules and said submitted it to HR that I was fired. I never had any write ups and had been there a few years. Unfortunately I am pretty private with my life and didn’t announce it to everyone that I was leaving. I have no copy of my resignation. Hr basically said too bad when I told them what happened and told them i was disputing it. I did put this on my paperwork but now I have an interview and feel stressed about it. I have no damn proof that I quit, and I know I’m going to be probably asked who knew that you quit or all sorts of questions. This is the only thing I know of that is in my background. No legal trouble, no debts or delinquencies, I don’t do drugs haven’t drank in over 8 years easily… this is making name want to let the agency know I’m no longer accepting the offer. Am I stupid?

Relax. Tell the truth. Try to bring it up before someone brings it up to you. Not a dealbreaker.

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You’re over reacting. Volunteer the info and tell the whole story. It’s not a big deal at all…

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Good luck, this is a very significant matter, AS LONG AS YOU Don’t LIE ABOUT IT!


Different people interpret circumstances differently and even if these interpretations are diametrically opposed it doesn’t mean one or the other is lying. Always tell your story in the most affirmative, positive version. Never include any unnecessary self-criticism.

If it were me these are the things I’d focus on:

Reason why the supervisor or company would want your separation status listed as terminated?
Be adamant that you have not had any performance issues and have not received any disciplinary notices/actions.
Are there any coworkers who could establish that you have not had any disciplinary issues?

To the company/HR:

Tell your former HR person that you have retained legal counsel and if they release any false, defamatory, and/or derogatory information on your employment with them… blah, blah, blah… your legal counsel will see to it that records will be subpoenaed and members of management will be deposed.

You might even consider hiring a cheap lawyer. You don’t need to retain the services of a firm like Akin Gump but any two-bit employment lawyer can make a phone call for you which will get even major companies acquiescing. I’ve seen it happen and marveled at what the threat of even a little litigation does to quickly get compliance.

Sometimes threatening people WILL backfire. It causes people to do exactly what you don’t want them to do. Especially if they have deep pockets.

This, on its own, will not likely result in a denial of clearance. They use a “whole person” concept; as long as you are being honest.

I know someone who had a previous employer tell the investigator that if he hadn’t given his notice when he did they were getting ready to fire him. The investigator asked him about it. He remained firm when questioned. Told them he had no clue why they were saying what they did. He was not aware they were considering firing him, and that he gave them his notice because he had found another job. Ultimately, he got his clearance.

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