The Security Clearance Improvement Act of 2021

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The Security Clearance Improvement Act of 2021 has the primary aim of ferreting out security clearance applicants who have or had membership or affiliations with organizations who spread conspiracy theories.

Is question 2 going to be a standard question on the new SF-86? And an ever question? It would seem that it would have to be as part of the new SF-86. Which is absurd because it would apply to such a minuscule portion of the population.

Also, doesn’t the current question— “Have you ever attempted to overthrow the United States government by force?”— already subsume this? Even if in theory?

Perhaps even more troubling is question 1 which targets “conspiracy theories and false information” about the government. Given the decline of social and political discourse in this country it is now fairly routine for a lot of people or organizations to categorize the ideas of others whom they disagree as conspiracy theories or misinformation. Not only that, the Overton Window is not only narrowing but with Covid has been shifting like a boat in a storm.

Btw, also in regard to proposed question 1, I can’t help but think of all the nerdy middle-aged guys with technical backgrounds working for DoD or in IC who’ve no doubt read a book or two on Deep State killing JFK. And what about the recent Amazon #1 bestseller by RFK Jr.?

Fortunately, as Marko points out, Congresswoman Murphy’s proposed changes to the SF-86 won’t make it out of her Congressional committee.

Or languishes in committee long enough that it dies from neglect.

One man’s conspiracy theory could be another man’s settled science.

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