This wait is ridiculous

I’m am currently working for DISA as a contractor. Last month was my two year mark. E-qip submitted in April of 2015, and awarded Interim Secret in July of 2015 as a requirement to begin working. I last spoke with an investigator in October of 2015. I have spoken to my company’s FSO twice in the past two months. She said I am no longer in JPAS, though per her conversations with DISA, I have an Interim Secret Clearance. Not sure why that isn’t in JPAS. FSO said it had previously been there.

Anyway, FSO also told me the investigation closed in fall of 2015 and that I am currently waiting for adjudication. I don’t understand why it would take so long to make a decision. I’ve traveled extensively throughout Europe, South America, Asia, and parts of Africa. I also have several misdemeanors on my record, granted they are almost fifteen years old now. Maybe that had some bearing on the wait time. But, if they saw me a risk, why not deny it quickly rather than keep me waiting while maintaining Interim clearance that allows me access? Doesn’t make any sense.