Tier 1 clearance with 2 counts misdemeanor convictions 15 years ago

offered a contractor job working at fed.
back in 2006, arrested with felony assault charges, and concluded with 2 counts of assault misdemeanors in 2007. no other wrongdoing. Currently, a cac id holder as a federal contractor in another agency.

submitted fingerprint and eqip on May 11th. still waiting for tier 1 clearance?
Any advice to explain what will be up to such as 1) clearance or not, 2) how much will it take to be concluded?

Are you asking if there will be any problems due to the past misdemeanors? After 15 years, I wouldn’t think so.

Mine took about 4-5 weeks.

Charges in 2016 were felonies but concluded with 2 counts of misdemeanor convictions in 2017. Are they still not resulting in denial for tier 1 clearance? Again, no other criminal record.

I do not have anything in my record. If they haven’t asked for any additional document, then I guess it is fine. They reached out about one of my foreign employments and asked for additional documents

I know a couple of people with felony convictions more recent than that who got clearances. Those were for drunk driving and they had gone through various rehab. In one case it was just inside the seven year window (I think).

Just a following note.
CAC ID is being processed. It took 5 weeks from OF306 and fingerprinting for Tier 1 clearance.