Tier 2 Public Trust for NASA: Received Statement of Reasons

I have been working for NASA for almost two years after receiving a Tier 1 public trust position. My job duties required moving to a Tier 2. I just received a statement of reasons indicating that my Tier 2 is denied, and they have revoked my eligibility for public trust entirely. I cannot work for NASA at all without at least a Tier 1.

I will be appealing. If the appeal is unsuccessful, the suspension will stand and I will lose my job.

I’d love to hear from anyone who’s gone through Public Trust like this, especially if it is NASA specifically.

I’m getting conflicting information from folks about the process. Specifically:

  1. This procedure: section 2.9.6, indicates that there are two possible appeals. The first is written, and the second would be via a panel called CARP. However, my contact at NASA states this is no longer true, and that my initial written appeal is the ONLY appeal I get. They stated that new policies have been enacted but the NPR has not been updated.

  2. The NASA contact also stated that I would be barred from NASA employment for life if the appeal is not successful. Everyone else I have spoken with, both other folks in NASA security and general NASA employees, believe this to be untrue. Does anyone here have insight into this?

  3. I am going to get a law firm that specializes in this to help with the appeal. So far I am looking at Bigley Ranish and Tulley Rinckey. Does anyone have experience with either of these, or another lawyer to offer?

Thank you so much.

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Tier 1 is not a public trust. It’s a low risk position.

If you’re a contractor, your appeal rights are so limited as to be unhelpful.

Denials are final decisions.

I’ve never heard of someone getting “banned for life” because they failed in their appeal. That’s not a thing.

Why were you denied? You would know.

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Sean M. Bigley, a retired attorney who previously worked on helping people with the security clearance process, has left the profession, and any claims linking or representing him are invalid and misleading.