Tier 3 TESI Question

I’ll try to keep this short and provide the pertinent information. Since my last Secret (now Tier 3) investigation I have new foreign travel (Canada for one day–4-6 hours) to visit friends while I was in Montana and then Belize, Honduras, and Cancun as part of a cruise (1 day in each port). All of these trips happened while on Terminal Leave (after DoD outprocessing) or as a retiree. The job I took following retirement was not a cleared positions so they didn’t care about foreign travel/contacts, however now I occupy a Non-Critical Sensitive position and will soon becoming due for my PR. In addition to the travel I maintain contact with two RCAF officers I met as I was preparing to retire. We speak maybe once every few months and it is is more of a “how is the weather?” type relationship. My wife, daughter and I visited them, we ate lunch (we paid for our own) and the conversation was casual, not involving anything I have been trained to watch out for nor has the frequency of contact or content of contact changed since then (2019). I reported both the contacts and travel to my current security manager and he and his supervisor said to just report it on my SF86 (which I intend to do). All that to make this statement and ask this question: I suspect that new foreign contacts and foreign travel will most likely trigger an interview which is fine. My finances, credit, criminal, drug use and everything else is clean. For planning and expectation management purposes: Is the Tier 3 TESI a full sf-86 interview or does it focus on the trigger(s) themselves and then expand as or if needed? I realize this may be an “it depends” questions, but IN GENERAL is what I am asking. I appreciate input and constructive responses!

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A teir 3 tesi usually just focuses on areas of concern. This can be anything from a typo in your education listing to questions about “issues” like finances or foreign contacts. Basically you won’t do a line-by-line interview but you’ll probably touch on multiple things.

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Thanks so much! Appreciate the info.