TIER II versus Tier III

hello, I am in great need of accurate advise on the matter below:

  1. I am a current NAF employee working in a job that requires Tier II background. When I arrive to this location my immediate supervisor insisted I needed a TIER III not a TIER II. I submitted the SF86. They interviewed me and then came back with an LOI stating I needed to address financial matters on my credit report. we did not have a security manager at that time so an active duty service member is filling that position. she advised me to send a one liner addressing the very few account on my record. I did that and of course DON-CAF came back this time with a SOR requesting I gave them more information and proof. I met with this service member and when she realized I was a non-appropriated employee she stated that she would back to DON-CAF request they downgraded my clearance to favorable and also ask for an extension. The next time I heard about this is when my second level supervisor approached me saying I had failed to answer the SOR. I explained to her that I was waiting for this service member to get back with me about the downgrade and the extension to answer the SOR. that same day I submitted my reply to her and now they are telling me that my clearance may be revoked because I didn’t reply to the SOR.

I had been tentatively offered a GS-11 job on the 10th of September and they rescinded the offer yesterday. My question is:

if they would have done the Tier II, could I have gotten an interim Tier III so I could accept the GS-11 job. The mistake was made from the beginning when they made me do a Tier III instead of a Tier II. Now I am sitting here, not knowing what to do and where to go and may lose this current job as well. I am furious. the credit issues are less than 10K all of them are closed accounts or have been paid for. I left federal service for 7 years and got laid off 4 times in those 7 years. My credit suffered but I am making payments towards the creditors now that I have stable employment.

should I hire an attorney to help me appeal? Should I file an IG for their negligence?

what is the main difference between a TIER II and Tier III investigations? I know Tier II will allow me to have access to classified information which I never ever handle.

Thank you for your feedback!

The issue is that they provided you a STATEMENT OF REASONS why you should not get the clearance. You, had a certain amount of time to respond the those reasons with what you are doing to mitigate the concerns.

You did not respond so you lost job. It was entirely your responsibility and either T2 or T3 is irrelevant.

You cannot appeal this.