Tier One NACI questions and worries


I started a job working for the USPS recently. I filled out the background check thingee. I have excellent credit and no criminal record at all save a few speeding tickets from years back.

My problem is my jobs over the past five years. I taught English abroad for several schools and quit several of them due to ethics violations, not mine but my employers. One school wanted me to restrain special ed kids and denied them resources, one other school had an administrator who stole from me. One school was okay but my apartment got infested with ticks and I just had enough of living abroad. I quit all three jobs on the spot after conflicts mentioned above. I think looking back it was the stress of living abroad alone, compassion fatigue (teaching will do it to you), and just being tired of culture stress. Also the ethics violations did not make me want to stay at the jobs or even give notice. I don’t regret my choices.

I guess I’m worried about the employers trashing me, or the investigator seeing I quit several jobs. But I was teaching abroad to travel and if I or my students were treated badly, I had no problem leaving.

Any thoughts?

Also I couldn’t remember all the exact dates of when I started and quit on these jobs. I guessed.

For a Tier 1 vouchers are sent out to previous employers and may or may not be returned for the investigation. If as you say, you quit on your own, not because you were going to be fired, then you should have nothing to worry about.

Yes, but both of these employers are power hungry and angry still. They may lie; they are not nice people. Once I quit one stole 3k from my bank account, and the other threw me out of school into the parking lot. Both were angry that I called them on unethical behavior; both were in China and involved heads that had no accountability. I guess I am worried they will say something terrible to spite me.