DoDEA CNACI Background Check Disqualifiers

Hello, I have looked all over and really couldn’t find anything useful to answer my question.

I have a TO from the DoDEA to teach in Japan. The whole process is going to take a while. I am nervous about resigning my current position without the background check being complete. What type of findings would preclude me from receiving a firm offer? I have a couple of concerns, one being bad credit. I don’t have good credit and will not until I find a good job. I am unable to make ends meet on my current salary, and I went from self-employed to teaching. Really, I need to just file bankruptcy. I have judgments, collections, charge offs, tax liens are all paid if I have any. I am unable to even attempt to resolve any bad debt due to my current income is only covering living expenses. Is my credit going to keep me from passing the background check to teach? Lastly, prior to teaching, I was self-employed, I have only been teaching now for 4 years. Other than tax returns I really have no way of verifying my self-employment, will this prevent me from being hired as well? I have not record otherwise legally.

For those that are unaware, a CNACI is what they called a NACI with credit checks for those in teacher or childcare positions. Now it is a Tier 1 with an extra coverage code to cover the credit check. To answer the question here, yes, a bad credit history along with current unresolved debts is definitely a concern that you will have to answer to in a letter of interrogatory and could prevent you from getting the position.

So I have already hired an attorney for Bankruptcy and all of the debt is consumer debt, with no federal obligations outstanding. This should mitigate this issue. I have excellent credit until 2011 when my self-employment income started to fall. By 2012 I took measures to switch careers and become a teacher. The only reason I haven’t filed bankruptcy earlier is my income did not sufficiently allow me to meet my families needs. I am close to being able to afford monthly living expenses on my income so it makes more sense to file now.

Hello, a CNACI is for child care, so why do they care about credit? And don’t they go into state child protective services records or not?

Also, for a sf 85 and previous employment abroad (foreign employers) do they send letters to verify employment or do they just send letters to USA employers or USA employers abroad?


If I remember correctly, the application process will include a question as to whether one has ever filed for bankruptcy.

I’m interested to know if the bankruptcy, credit issues, kept you from getting the job. I have been interested in applying for a while now, but wonder if my recent bankruptcy will keep me from getting hired.