Timecard Fraud Leads to FBI Investigation and Clearance Revocation

Originally published at: https://www.clearancejobsblog.com/timecard-fraud-leads-to-fbi-investigation-and-clearance-revocation/

Claiming hours worked when you don’t actually perform the work is never a good idea, yet it happens quite frequently with defense contractors working on government projects. A Raytheon systems engineer, who had a Secret clearance, had a habit of disappearing every Friday even though he claimed to be working during that time.  As a result,…

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You are right that timecard fraud happens frequently. This has happened at least three times on the contracts that I oversee. The end result has always been that the employee gets fired and the government gets reimbursed. To me this should result in a security clearance revocation, but for each of the times it happened on my contract, there has been no impact to the clearance.

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