Timeline 2023 Thread

At the investigation close date, does it mean the investigation is forwarded to adjudication or review department?

I should clarify and edit that post. I called in January 2023, and the background investigator assigned to me simply said that she was finished with her portion of the investigation and “sent the paperwork to the next people” in her words. She said she wasn’t sure when it would be sent to adjudication. I was just assuming it went to adjudication from that point on. I’ll edit accordingly to avoid getting anyone in trouble or causing confusion.

Probably a combination of whether you’d be a critical and urgent need for the mission, how big and how many stripes/stars your sponsor has…

I submitted my E-qip Dec 14, got fingerprints Dec 16, and they accepted the application Dec 20. Had my subject interview Jan 30, best friend was interviewed Feb 6, and another friend Feb 7. Since then I’ve just been waiting.

I do have a lot of foreign contacts, all friends, not family. They only seemed to care about the Indians. They’re all work related contacts but they’ve also become friends. I travelled to India and the Netherlands in 2018 for work. The Kiwis, Canadians and Europeans didn’t garner any attention beyond asking why I’m in contact with them. Most are friends from my year as an exchange student 30 years ago.

DoD Secret level for an aerospace contractor.

This is exactly the kind of information that would’ve been amazing to know in the application materials for these kinds of jobs, but wasn’t stated to this degree of detail. Either that, or I missed it and I should’ve known. Thank you sincerely for this, and I don’t mind being called out for my ignorance right here and now.

At the end of the Subject interview I usually tell the subject this exact process that way they understand what to expect and the fact there are several more steps to go that I have nothing to do with. I explain they may or may not hear from me again, but if they do they need to respond as quick as possible so I can get it going back through the process.

My interviewer told me it should only take a couple weeks after he submitted his results. Now, I have no idea when that happened (obviously after Feb 7), but it’s now been nearly 5 weeks since my references were interviewed.

Your interviewer should not have told you that since s/he has no control over how quickly a case moves though review or adjudication. Your interviewer also has no control over how quickly items are completed that other investigators are assigned. (Most cases have one than one investigator working the case. Your investigator will “schedule” coverage but cannot control how long is take to complete that item.)

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So clearances require fingerprints, never knew that. What were they asking about foreign national contacts?

understood, recruiter and the person who i spoke to was a civilian.

Any foreign contacts are potential sources for espionage so they want to know who they are. If they’re not associated with a foreign government or military it’s usually not a big deal. But if they’re government/military agents or if they’re vulnerable to being used to extort information from you then it can be a problem for you to get a clearance.

Any idea how long a reinvestigation for a reported incident takes these days? Going on 8 months now and literally no word at all and just get the same generic response “my reinvestigation is in process and has been assigned to a case manager.” My security department has no idea.

Submitted Sep 26 and now says “PENDING ADJUDICATION” wherever that is in the process is beyond me. Retired Submarines, 20 years TS/SCI. Two years away from the gov not without an “ISSUE” but not nervous but would definitely like to know one way or the other. I mean the “issue” is over five years old (while i was on active duty) and has been completely mitigated with documentation to prove. Still I feel like it is a backlog and not my investigation, or maybe like 60/40. I do not remember it ever taking this long. But I also don’t remember our country going through a Covid thing and now people are afraid to work especially in an office environment. Who knows. Be nice to know but who knows.

Understood, so have to just wait i guess then.

Updated Timeline for 3 Letter:

November 22: Submitted SF86
Dec 22: More info requested
Jan 23: More info requested
March 23: Subject interview/poly/psych scheduled (travel required)

Excited for some movement!

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Dec 8th - Interview (1 hour interview, only time I talked to my BI)
Jan 4, 2023 - Investigation Closed
As of March 21st, still in adjudication…

Perhaps there is a backlog in adjudication for some applicants. Mine is nearing the 80 days in adjudication mark now. I met another person at my office that is nearly 120 days in adjudication. My FSO said they will ask for an update at 90 days for me to see whats up.

Folks told me that they have lots of students who are coming for the summer interns. So right now they are backed up with those cases. I might be wrong. Things will get better once they are done.

Was the more info requested happen after your SF86 approval on CESP?
Did you have international connections?

Yes, after.
CESP was approved, request for more info came a few weeks later, and then again a month after that.

No foreign contacts. The requests were for further elaboration on SF86 reportings.

Well, This is strange my status has been pending adjudication and now my FSO tells me today “your case has been assigned an adjudicator”. Uhhhh. ok. I thought it already was.