Tired of waiting. Will going contractor mess up my processing?

I’ve been waiting a long time to get any update on my processing status. I have a job offer to go Contractor. If I go contractor, will that screw up my ability to become a full time employee?

Might depend on where you’re at in the process and if the contractor job is with a different agency than your current process. I was told that you can’t have two investigations going at the same time, but maybe you can if one is for DOD and one is for DOS.

I honestly have no clue where I am at. I’m guessing that they are either going to re-use my investigation from 2 years ago, or do a crossover.
I wish I could talk to their security office, but you know the government and their love of red tape :^)

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you can have 2 investigations happening at once… it happens. Agencies try to eliminate the double work for obvious reasons but it still happens. Just let security offices know you may have another investigation in the works, in adjudication, or even completed for all you know. They can check. The security office will decide what to do from there. They may just let investigation #1 complete, or they may need to start a new one anyway because the new one is for a higher level etc etc.

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Yes it does happen but far more often you will see the second investigation stopped as soon as they see another investigation already started. Now @Selene may have an advantage that they do have a recent investigation.