Top Security Clearance

Do you get some type of documentation after you receive a Top Security Clearance?

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Not usually. The certificate of investigation is signed off on and put into your security file. Some agencies put it into civil servant Official Personnel Files. Signing the nondisclosure statement is normally the only paperwork indicating you have a clearance, otherwise the information is stored in clearance databases.

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It generally isn’t something to be openly shared. With the OPM breach however foreign Intell services know who is cleared. Cruise ships passing through Russia have segregated people getting off on excursions by name, knowing who had a clearance and interrogating them and family members. Having a clearance in and of itself is not classified, but certainly not something to walk around wearing on a t-shirt or putting on Facebook. Not saying you would but we likely all have seen some trying to gain a form of advantage or authority by stating they are cleared. Obviously if applying for a position it does give the upper hand over a non cleared person. But what you actually possess is eligibility…not a clearance. Semantics? Well, we can lose eligibility in a flash. Misconduct, read out, end of contract and the like. It isn’t a foul to mention it in a resume. Many will tell you not to do that.

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I had a TS clearance until July 2017 based on a Special Background Periodic Review (SBPR) dating from 2015. My understanding is that this SBPR can be used to base an interim/final clearance up to 5 years from its completion. Can you verify this for me?

You should be good until July 2019. After that, it’s problematic. Two years without an active clearance and your clearance expires.

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