Traveling while pending investigation: exit stamp missing

Hi All!
So I am currently in a process for my TS clearance. Had my BI interview few months ago and now just in the waiting game. Know that my documents are not in the adjudication stage yet.

So i am in Europe right now - US friendly countries visit.
Was for a day in Milan, Italy. Got my In stamp on passport but Not the exit stamp… will this be an issue ? I am aware that i have to fill out the form upon my return to USA and provide the copies of the stamps to my FSO.

So i am worried now that i got no exit stamp from Italy.

Please advise.
Thank you in advance

Not every country does an exit stamp, I don’t think. If you are a US Citizen/LPR I dont think you get an exit stamp… I dont think I ever have.

But you should have received a entry stamp upon return to the US.

gotcha. I freaked out when i realized that i am missing the exit stamp from this EU country and entrance to the new one…
Apparently they treated flight like this: as they would have been from one state to another. At least that’s what the Border police told me so am no longer seeking the stamps.

thank you for your help as well.

No stamps if you are in a Schengen Area.

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