TS granted after smoking weed with Active Clearance

Back Story:

In 2014, joined the USMC was granted as TS clearance (Never did drugs, no criminal record, was 18, no credit score, no foreign contacts, etc. squeaky clean)

In 2018, got married.

On 09/2019 was honorably discharged from the USMC with two deployments (MEU and Afghanistan) and sought employment as a contractor using relevant skills in my hometown.

10/2019 Got a high-paying contracting job and began working/ bought my first house while my wife finished college.

11/2019 A few weeks after getting an excellent job as a contractor, my wife (at the time) disclosed, she had been unfaithful and wanted a divorce. I became heavily depressed and did not seek out treatment.

11/21/2019 While at a co-worker’s house who also held a TS clearance was offered weed while we were drinking after some debate, took two hits, felt disgusted with me, and tried to sleep it off on the couch to sober up and go home.

12/09/2019 Took a company required CI poly. I was very emotionally unstable throughout; at the end volunteered the information that I had smoked weed. In light of the information was rescheduled for another examination.

01/12/2020 Elaborated on further details of the incident, also admitted to minor incidents of being reckless with government property in 2017(not intentional destruction, but exceptionally rough due to the assignment and distaste of my supervisors) Also admitted that in 2015 I accidentally had left a classified document in my pocket discovered it in my living quarters, ripped it up and flushed it down the toilet, and admitted to having some weird thoughts that I couldn’t explain IE weird dreams, PTSD related thoughts of killing, etc. I understand some of the information that I told them was unnecessary; however, it was an attempt to be as candid as possible.

01/23/2020 Received an email that I had passed the poly and continued work.

02/03/2020 I was notified that the TS portion of my clearance was suspended and let go of my job.

02/04/2020 Turned in my badge saw the reasons for suspending my clearance: Drug use, personal conduct, criminal activity, psychological conditions, and use of technology guidelines that raise serious concerns of my intent and ability to protect notational secrets. I signed the form and left.

03/2020 Started school for computer science, started receiving counseling for PTSD and depression.

08/2020 Reached out to my employer because they told me it was a standard one-year suspension for weed and reapplied after one year.

09/2020 Employer reached back to me and said that the suspension was not in JPAS anymore and that I had an active TS/SCI. I just needed a reinvestigation because I was out of scope. Also, he said that my old employer wanted to hire me back because of my exceptional work performance.

10/2020 Filled out SF form and disclosed the weed use and why I got suspended as candid as possible, also informed them of the counseling I had been receiving and that I was attending school.

11/2020 Spoke with an investigator, again was candidly elaborated on the other items that were the reason for my suspension, was candid as possible, acknowledged my mistakes and my intent to not repeat them, also elaborated on my psychological state and my intent to continue therapy and the positive impacted it had on my life.

12/2020 Was reached out to by my investigator. The field investigation was finished, and the adjudicator just wanted some small clarifications on if I was fired or left because of allegations of misconduct. Only a small miss understanding, he then said that it should be wrapped up and sent back to the adjudicator the same day.

02/2021 Clearance was read. No determination was made, likely because it was moved to adjudicate review.

04/2021 Clearance was favorably adjudicated, and TS was reinstated.

It has been a long and stressful journey to get here and one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. Until this point is a 25-year-old, things really seemed easy, and I never really understood that actions have consequences. The thought of not continuing my career in intelligence was crushing. After experiencing this entire process and being turned away by many employers, I have a new appreciation for my clearance and skill set. Don’t lose hope if you messed up. God always has a plan.

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@Nathan freaking congrats brother!! At some point in our lives, we hit a wall or maybe rock bottom but, our resiliency, strength and the support of others get us through!

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