TS renewal Foreign spouse docs?


Going for my TS renewal. Foreign born spouse (uk citizen) is a green card holder. Do I need to send in a photocopy of her green card or just have her alien number?


Ask your security officer. A federal employee should know this.

normally you only need to provide the permanent alien registration information on the SF86. Hopefully your FSO is already aware of your foreign spouse.

Background investigator,
Do you mean it’s only provided initially, the first time you fill it out, not for renewals? Or you were referring to something else? Thx.

Whenever you complete the SF 86 (what e-Qip or e-Aip really is) you will need to provide your spouse’s citizenship information. If they are still a foreign national, you will need to provide the permanent alien registration information from their card. Every time until they become a US citizen.

Hopefully, you already reported your marriage to a foreign national to your FSO who would have asked you about your spouse’s citizenship and documentation. Waiting until your next investigation to report your marriage is not good if you already hold a clearance.

Ok thanks for the clarification. My FSO already knows because we did this before she applied for her greencard, we used her visa info for the last security clearance. No issues.

For this one, she is in the process of applying for a replacement GC (wallet stolen) so we have all the info from the old one (alien number and expiration date) Just waiting for the physical card to come, do I need the physical copy of the card?

The information from the Permanent Alien Resident card is the important part.

Ok great. Just to clarify, no need to upload an image of the GC while filling out the renewal application right? Bec I don’t think the replacement will come in time.

Also wanted to hear your thoughts, we’ve talked about living and working in a different country before. Are there gov contractor DOD jobs in G5 countries or where would they post opportunities like this if we are just in the info gathering phase? Thanks.

You’ll be fine. You disclosed. You will be asked for what info to provide, provide it.

My spouse is US born citizen but became a citizen of an EU country through ancestry. I reported it and was asked for a copy of her EU passport and other documents from that country. I scanned the originals and sent them off.

Was re-adjudicated with no issues.