TS-SCI Contracting Eligibility

I recently accepted a job with a government contractor in the Dayton Ohio area that will require obtaining a TS-SCI clearance.

I accepted the offer, but now am getting worried because of some items in my past.

Backstory: While in college I held an internship for another government contractor. I filled out the SF-86 honestly and at the time I had not engaged in ANY illigal activities. Fast forward a couple of months, I get my internim secret clearance and then leave the company for other reasons.

Several months later I stupidly have a lapse in judgement and smoke marijuana one time with an ex-girlfriend’s friend. (Did not have the security clearance intern ship at this time ~11/2016 )

I intend to fully disclose all my wrongdoings once again on the SF-86.
Did I just screw myself accepting a job I may not get a clearance for? Do you have any advice for what I should do now?

Honestly . . . A tough call . . . “youthful indiscretion” would apply, but it was still pretty recent and you’re going for TS/SCI. Do you still hang with the ex or the friend?

No I have since cut them out of my life, social media etc as well as other people I knew who do drugs recreationally.