Two issues, I would like advice

I don’t want to waste anyones time, mine or theirs if this is impossible.

  1. Bankruptcy in '16, Ch 13, paid off a year early. Payment plan with IRS. Resulted from medical bills and my wife losing her job. We still scuffle a bit but nothing major.

  2. I had a 5 month period of smoking marijuana in a legal state. 2-3 times a week, alone, before bed, to sleep better. Trying to get use of my left arm back due to nerve damage, and the physical therapy can result in some chronic pain. I have abstained for 3 months, and will pee in a cup on demand, and do whatever it takes.

I have been out of work for 6 months (grant that paid me at the university ended), This matters not, but a job can get us out of trouble and buy a small house, which I could pass on to my son, who has disabilities. I have made errors but I would like a chance to have hope and purpose again. My wife has back issues and is only out of bed 3-4 times a week. I know this matters not, but I am an honest person who has had the ■■■■ kicked out of them the last 10 years (almost died 4 times). Somehow I have the best health I have had in 15 years, with lots of PT and meds and weight loss. Anyway I blather.

I need a job, but do not want to get one for 3 months, thats not fair to the employer. Thanks much

I have applied for S and TS jobs,


  1. This shouldn’t be a problem. Job lose and medical issues are mitigating factors, you took legal steps to get help and you met the responsibilities that you took on.

  2. Three month clean after five months of using is nothing. This will be a problem and promising that you are willing to take a test only shows that you know that you are clean right now. That’s not how this works.

I don’t think that you stand a chance of getting a cleared job right now. Find something else and come back to this in a year or two if you still want.

I’m sorry about your troubles. I certainly understand them and I’m not trying to be harsh. But, right now, you are in exactly the position that the government tries to avoid. You have been, are and will be ,under financial pressure right now. Over the years, financial issues have been shown to be a very common reason that people betray the country. I’m not saying that YOU would but too many people in the same situation might.

Thanks. We are current on bills now. Transitioning from university work, and with my specialty it would mean a clearance to do that kind of work in that setting. I appreciate the reply.