Two Jobs require a different poly

Hey all. I recently took a full scope
Poly for an agency in august, but my current job is untenable and I have no idea when that will be adjudicated (it was also stated that it was inconclusive - my first poly ever). Another job is asking me to take a CI poly only and they have a very fast turnaround. How does this affect the full scope I took or does it not at all?

CI poly is limited in scope compared to full scope poly (which includes lifestyle etc) so the turn around theoretically should be soon on CI poly CI and FSP are independent in nature (FSP can be used for CI positions but you are not using the full potential of the FSP )

Finger is correct. And a denial from one…can result in a revocation for the other. You could withdrawl from processing from the first one. But if it is a dodge, it can bite you in the behind.

So I would have to withdrawal? I’m not trying to fudge the first one or anything, I’m just trying to get hired sooner, since the turnaround seems to be done faster.