Unresolved Incident Report 2.0

Hey All

I have an active TS but just learned that I have an unresolved incident report from over 2.5 years ago which makes certain agencies reluctant to pick me up. Is there any way to go about having this issue resolved?

This question came up before. Not sure I saw a solid answer on it other than “it depends.” Once you move on from a position you have zero recourse to address most anything even with the former HR, let alone a security report in the government system. We all are kind of at the mercy of the reporting person’s ethics and the company, which doesn’t give me a lot of confidence. Particularly in the contracts world. Are you on at least speaking terms to the former FSO? Can you reach out and ask if there is a possibility of addressing it? With far too man years to count in this business I can tell you I have had a few security infractions along the way myself. Minor ones, cell phone in pocket, entered vault, self reported. Those types. But if any contract company decides you are responsible for a security situation in say another department, and you absolutely refuse to accept it is yours, and you resign…on principle…you give up the ability to address the issue and ensure there is no incident report. Particularly if they enter it after you depart. Those are “people ethic” situations. But even if you had an infraction…absentmindedly took a combination home or piece marked classified, kept it secure, returned it next day, etc, self reported…those things happen far more commonly than anyone wants to admit. It doesn’t mean one is a security risk, only that they are human. I would think any agency with cleared folks looking at the incident are able to say “Yeah, I did that once.” Or, “happened to a co-worker, it happens.” If they kill the person having a violation or infraction, the infractions continue to occur except now they no longer get reported. It goes underground. Documenting it is fine but in my eyes the resolution should always be posted as well. Something like "member takes responsibility for the incident and completed a training course on responsibilities. Leaving it open and hanging isn’t fair to anyone…hiring authorities or the person. I want to believe most can be explained away as moments of brain fart or tired after long day.

That’s basically what it is: something minor I self-reported. My T5R was recently favorable adjudicated so I don’t get why this issue wasn’t resolved as well. Thanks for the response!

If this is in fact a security violation, what is there to resolve? I dont understand how an investigation could be favorably adjudicated with an incident out there unresolved? Not doubting the details as given just trying to understand.

Also, do these go into JPAS?

One would think it is written up, some final action taken and noted but you are right. One can’t go back in time, lock the vault and fix it. We can only acknowledge it happened and we adapt procedure to cover it. When they enter it into JPAS (yes to question) They should also state what action was taken. My last client had their own system and if you had no other entries in 12 months it goes away.

Hey Amberbunny,

Would you have any suggestions on how to handle this issue? I’ve been in contact with my former employer but no one on staff was around at the time the report was initiated and apparently there aren’t any records or information as to the nature of the issue.

What client were you supporting? If you can reach out to their security office,and they verify your former clearance, they can look into what report was made.