What is to process of close an Incident Report

Can anyone enlighten me regarding the process to get an incident report resolved. Here’s my situation. I was granted a Top Secret SCI with a CI poly in March of 2017 as a contractor on an Army base for an intelligence agency as a Senior Contract Specialist. I was given an ID and password via email. Following procedure I immediately changed my password and redacted it on the email. While turning in my new hire paperwork, the redacted email got stuck underneath my paperwork by accident to my employer. They initially told me to just come downtown and pick it up, go back to work the next day. But when I got to their office, I was fired from a $150k job and the FSO placed an incident report in JPAS. I haven’t been able to get a new employer who ran my clearance to file an RRU. I’ve been effectively black balled. Are there any due process requirements on my former employer as far as hearing dates I should have been notified of? Anything I can file to get a hearing. Or is my only recourse to just wait until someone have pity on me and give me a second chance??

Wow is this Franz Kafka day? I was just reading another post from someone who is trying to deal with an SOR that they never received, and now this story. I’m afraid to read any more posts today!

I dont know about due process but the only people I’ve known who found themselves in this situation had to get an employer to hire them and put them in for a clearance. In both cases it took a long time and fortunately they had unclassified work to keep them going.

I am astonished as well! My goodness getting fired for a printed email!! no wonder I am not pursuing any classified work. No way!

I would consider it an information spill and counterproductive to creating and maintaining a culture of self reporting. That seems to be a ludicrous over reaction to the event. I catch government people all day long committing security infractions in vaults one way or the other. You make them stop and tell them to report to their security manager. Crushing a person for that is beyond understanding. Yay them. Will the next guy report anything? Not a chance. No known security violations, they must be doing a bang up job. Except these types of infractions happen every day. Learning from them is the missing ingredient here. I understand this was not specifically about self reporting…but the situation remains a gross over reaction. And yes I am very familiar with seeing the communities name in printed Email addresses. And they don’t show up on screen. One must look at every page printed to make sure the system consistently stated the name correctly or in the right manner.

Amberbunny, my sentiments exactly. It was a ludicrous over reaction. I left my opinion out of my post because I wanted to see if anyone else agreed with me. I felt they were punishing me because I didn’t agree with their characterization of the email as classified. There were no classified markings. No red cover. In addition, the Contracting Officer of the agency I was assigned to work for called me after I was fired and told me if the password was changed the document could no longer considered classified because no one could use the document to access the system. Anyone heard of that? Any decisions on point regarding both of these issues would be very helpful. And thanks Amberbunny for feeling my pain.

This is one of the vulnerabilities of the system, which I believe is too often exploited. Anyway, there will not be a due process on this. Unfortunately, you will need a sponsor in order for an adjudicator to close the unresolved incident report (IR). I went through the same process and it took about 2 years in which time I had to go through the process again.

My suggestion: apply for government positions and positions with large defense contractors. The latter can probably start you soon while waiting for unresolved IR to close… that will take some time (maybe 6 months or so). Smaller contractors typically are hesitant to wait unless they have a facility security clearance. I can imagine that you can ask the company to put you in unpaid status until then. This sucks.

Thanks AWoodhull. Your comment is very informative. It extremely unfair that someone can slap this on your clearance without fear of repercussions or having to justify putting someone’s career on hold, or worse, without having to appear before an independent arbiter.

They would also require access to that system, building, compound… I had an info spill with a subordinate who accidentally released an email address with the clients name. Not a name, but the name of the overall client. Since it was a no kidding release of the client name I suspended the employee for a day without pay. And then I notified my client security team, wanting to appear tough on infractions. They laid me out. Told me it was a gross over punishment. Moving forward I simply bring infractions forward to the client security office. I have seen enormous violations corrected and a mild warning given. If you kill the messenger…there won’t be another…message. Infractions will always be present. Just hidden.

Exactly. We’re all human!

I had similar situation because of the company inability to provide proper training and making me do the different job from the one I was originally hired to do. Try to go back to my previous employer but they don’t want to take me until IR is resolved.