Upcoming job opening that requires clearance

Hi everyone,
Of course I have the same concern as a lot of individuals. I am a navy veteran of 12 years and prior GS-12 Civil Service employee that held a Secret Clearance. I briefly left government service to pursue another career and have been recenly laid off and am now attempting to return to Civil employment.

My concern is…about a year and a half ago… I was charged and went to court for Destruction of Property (misdemeanor) Long story short…my significant other was not being faithful and in a moment with lapse of judgement I threw a wine bottle busting the tv and flipped her table in the kitchen. So with her being vindictive that landed me in court … end result was anger management, which I completed, and 2 years unsupervised probation…a little harsh in my opinion but nevertheless…I still have 10 months left before this unsupervised probationary period is over. How much of a negative effect should this have? Mind you there have been no previous convictions/altercations of any sort. This is a one time isolated incident. I’m going to attempt to ask the probation office if they will terminate my probation early as I don’t reside in that state and there are no requirements for payment or reporting.
Thanks for any information provided.